Make your Own Hand Sanitiser Spray

Make your Own Hand Sanitiser Spray

For those of you who have purchased one of our handy Dog Walkers Bags you will have received a small bottle of natural hand sanitiser included in your parcel (subject to availability) 

As a company we are very conscious of our eco friendly credentials and would like to help you reuse the plastic spray bottle from your hand sanitiser. From now on we will include a recipe card in your parcel to refill your bottle with your very own handmade spray.

For those of you who have already purchased and need the recipe, please see below.  Its so easy and cost effective to make and an essential part of your dog walking kit. Lets face it, we have to do some fairly gruesome things when out with our dogs and a way to sanitise your hands is very helpful at times.


3 tbsp Witch Hazel or Vodka

1 tsp of Coconut or olive oil

10 Drops of your chosen essential oil (we love lavender and Rosemary but any is fine)

Distilled Water



Combine the Witch Hazel/Vodka, Coconut/Olive Oil and Essential oils in your bottle. Top up with Distilled water and shake well.

That's all! your spray is now ready to use.

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