About us

Based in a beautiful coastal town in Dorset, The Dandy Dog Company was born from a love of dogs and a passion for design. We aim to create products that are useful, practical and beautiful and enhance your home as well as the lives of your pets. Working closely with UK based artisans and carefully chosen international companies that pay their staff fairly,  we aim to create a range of sustainable products that are good quality, as environmentally friendly as possible and also classic design, that will last for many years, no throw away products from us. Our animals are very important to us but we also love our homes and believe the two can exist happily together. We love all aspects of our pets, including muddy paws, pet hair and wet dogs. Our aim is not for perfection but for homes that are beautiful using quality materials that don’t need to be hidden away when guests visit. Our fabric products are all machine washable and most are tumble dry safe too, beautiful but practical is our motto.

All products are exclusive to us and have been rigorously tested by Henry and Meg the resident Labradors and only then, when we are happy they are the best they can be will they be added to our collection. We continue to be as environmentally friendly as possible. All packaging is from sustainable sources, plastic free and biodegradable and we ask our suppliers to limit packaging when sending product to us.