A little self care

A little self care

Are you feeling the January Blues?

The new year is usually a time when everybody hits the gym, fitness apps and detox smoothies but after a couple of exceptional years maybe its time for a different approach. 

While we are not encouraging you to carry on drinking and overeating to excess and laying on the sofa but how about a gentle easing into a healthier lifestyle, whilst being kind to yourself and administering a little self care.

Here are my top tips 

1. Think about a subscription to a meal plan. Gousto, Mindful Chef and Hello fresh are all good examples. They offer a number of flexible plans with everything you need to create lovely, healthy meals delivered to your door. A great way to try new foods, control calories and enjoy yummy meals. Check online for deals as many of these companies are offering introductory offers right now.

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2. Walking! No need to start wearing lycra and jogging. A good brisk walk with your dog will do wonders for your physical and mental health. If you must start jogging, how about downloading the 'couch to 5k' app. Its free and eases you gently into running with a choice of celebrities encouraging you on your journey.

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3. Drink more water. yes that old chestnut again but it curbs hunger pangs, stops you feeling sluggish and tired. Buy a water bottle with time goals printed on the outside to encourage you to drink regularly.

4. Be kind to yourself. There is nothing wrong with downtime and no need to feel guilty or that its a waste of time to chill out. Treat yourself, relax with friends and family, have a slice of cake and coffee or a glass of wine. Everything in moderation. 

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