Frozen Dog Treats

Frozen Dog Treats

Lets face it, this year has not been fantastic weather wise in the UK so far but with fingers firmly crossed lets hope the British Summer will kick in soon.

With this in mind, how would you like a recipe for some tasty frozen dog treats. Packed with goodies, like Banana, Coconut Oil and Peanut Butter

It is actually taken from an American recipe (with a little tweak from me) so it is measured in cups but I am reliably informed that one cup is 128g if that helps.


Silicone Moulds

128g or one cup of Coconut oil

1 Soft Banana

2 Tablespoons of Organic Peanut Butter (Check ingredients carefully for sugar substitutes that are dangerous to dogs)

Small squirt of Honey


1. Warm the Coconut oil by placing the jar in hot water

2. add Coconut oil, banana and peanut butter to a blender and blitz until smooth.

3. Add the honey and mix well.

4. Spoon into the silicone moulds and place in the freezer until set.

5. Keep in the freezer and use as and when required


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