5 Tips for keeping your Home Smelling Sweet

5 Tips for keeping your Home Smelling Sweet

We all love our pets and they are important members of our families.  This means they usually have an access all areas pass to our homes, including Sofa's and even our Beds. Hands up! I am guilty of this.

My Home is also very important to me and I like it to be neat and tidy and smelling good at all times.  Not always easy when you have two Labradors that are welcome everywhere in our home.  I have picked up a few tips over the years to keep the nasty niffs at bay.

1. Daily Vacuuming: Probably very obvious but it is the most important thing to do to keep your home smelling great. A quick whizz daily across the floors and a slightly more thorough go over the sofa's to lift all that pet hair really does pay off.

2. Blankets and Throws: The use of Blankets or Throws on your Sofa's and Dog Beds is a really good time saving way to keep things fresh. A daily shake out in the Garden and a wash every few days is essential to protect your sofa's and to prolong the life of your dogs bed. A quick 30 degree wash is all that's needed to freshen things up.

3. Room Sprays: Now I am not talking about the aerosol type of room sprays here with the synthetic smells that give you an instant headache.  Lots of small companies are now making some lovely sprays from essential oils that are safe to use with pets. A quick spritz in each room or over the sofa is enough to please your nostrils without overpowering.  I love Parkminster's range of sprays particularly their lavender and Rosemary but they make lots of delicious fragrances.

4. Candles: On the same theme as the room sprays, a wonderful Soy Candle in a lovely fragrance can really help to neutralise smells. We love The Botanical Candle Company, they produce a wonderful range of Soy Wax Candles and they burn for hours too.

5. Bathing your Dog: Keeping your Dog nice and Clean with regular brushing and occasional bathing is essential. Its good for them and good for you so a win, win situation.

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