Blue Green algae. The hidden killer in our water ways.

Blue Green algae. The hidden killer in our water ways.

Do you know about Blue Green Algae?

Blue-green algae is a term used to describe a bacteria called cyanbacteria. It is most commonly found in non flowing, fresh water such as lakes, ponds and rivers. Hot weather can cause it to multiply rapidly.

It appears as a 'Bloom' a blue green scum on the surface of the water that can look a little like pea soup. Foaming edges around a lake is also a sign algae could be present.

It can be fatal to dogs if ingested even in minute amounts

Dogs are at risk if they swim in or drink contaminated water, or if they lick their fur that has come into contact with the algae, even later in the day. The algae produces harmful toxins that can stop your dogs liver from functioning

What are the symptoms of Blue-green algae poising 

If the worst happens and your dog accidentally comes into contact with contaminated water. Immediately seek treatment from your vet. There is no cure but supportive care is required immediately for any chance of survival. Symptoms can present within minutes of exposure.

Symptoms include




Weakness or collapse


Breathing difficulties


How can I protect my dog from Blue green algae


Keep your dogs away from lakes and ponds that you are suspicious of. Do not let them paddle or swim.

Make sure your dog does not drink from lakes or ponds.

Look carefully for warning sign around lakes about the condition of the water. many councils put up warning notices of any issues with water quality.

An interesting article from Dogs Naturally magazine taking an in depth look here.Blue-Green Algae Poisoning in Dogs Can Kill Your Dog! (


Download Surfers against sewage app and check the water quality before visiting lakes rivers and even the sea where untreated sewage is now regularly dumped.

Surfers Against Sewage - UK charity campaigning for the ocean (

If you think you have spotted Blue Green algae in a lake, pond or river. Please inform the environment agency for them to investigate.






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