Developing New Products

Developing New Products

Adding new products every year to expand our range has become a high priority. We only want to develop products that we would want to use personally and our commitment to designing and producing a range we are proud of is the only way forward.  This can be a challenge for a small business, to remain competitive and ethical. We work with a number of other small businesses and artisans both UK based and abroad and we have our own set of ethical guidelines we will not budge from.

All items contain no animal products, no leather, no feather and no Wool. Remaining Cruelty free is top of our list.

We minimise packaging at all times and use no unrecyclable plastics.  Where possible we use recycled paper, Carboard and Cornstarch Packing Chippings.  We only use eco bubble wrap. We ask our suppliers to remove plastic from our deliveries and replace with cellophane or paper where possible and we reuse any plastic packaging sent to us

We will only produce quality products designed to last for years to come and be repaired or repurposed where possible. No throw away items from us.

Practical and Beautiful remains our company motto.

Please watch this space for lots of exciting new products launching this year and do let us know if there is a product you are desperate for us to develop, we love hearing your ideas.

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