Wild Swimming

Wild Swimming


The practice of Wild swimming is not a new concept but it has recently become popular. Since I moved 10 years ago to a small coastal town in Dorset I have become more aware of this phenomenon.

Our town has a group of swimmers, mostly ladies meeting early every morning for a swim in the lovely bay. (Yes! even in the winter) They are amongst the most joyous and happy people I have seen, so there must be something in this seemingly crazy practice.

I am not a swimmer but I have been coaxed to bob about and float in the sea by a my good friend Yve. I must admit I always feel amazing afterwards. The initial chill gives way fairly quickly to a lovely freeing sensation and I am left wishing I could competently swim and get the full benefit of the experience. We are lucky enough to have a Sauna on the beach here and that combined with a dip in the sea is a not to be missed experience if you get the chance.

Follow @_millythemermaid on Instagram for inspiration. Milly is a local gal to me documenting her daily swims in Swanage bay. She is an inspiring advocate for Autism awareness and the benefits of sea swimming for your mental health. She also takes the most amazing photographs and videos of her adventures.

Two absolute MUSTS for safety.

1. Do not swim alone.

2. Do not stray too far from the shore.

3. Always hydrate before swimming. Cramps are most commonly caused by dehydration so prevention is better than cure with this one.

A great article by Countryfile here

Are you a regular wild swimmer or tempted to give it a go?

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